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With You Concert – with You, with Us, and with God!

Jenny Park (밴쿠버밀알 봉사자)

Jul 1, 2018

This year’s ‘With You Concert’ was a successful event as well. All glory and thanks to God! Actually, it was my very first time participating in this event as a volunteer as well as an audience. There were many concerns and worries about this event since promotions began very late due to internal volunteers becoming more laid back and leaving work that needed to be done as soon as possible to the last minute. A very small portion of the volunteer crew was enthusiastic and willing to promote, which was not effective to the majority of us that were neither inspired nor eager to work for this event.

However as a result, God provided us by calling many people to this concert. The audience was touched and moved by all of the performances, but especially our Vancouver Milal’s choir that wrapped up the whole event. I think that this is due to the solo parts of the song done by our friends that have disabilities. We actually had an emergency situation during this event, where one of our solo singers failed to show up to the concert. And so we were planning to make his partner, one of our volunteers, a solo since he knew all of his parts. But we were also reminded of a friend with a disability that had the full potential to take over the part. In a limited amount of time, he was able to memorize the lyrics and stand on stage as a soloist and perform his very best. This was truly a blessing from God, since we thought that it was going to be impossible for this to happen. Nonetheless, he gave us a greater blessing by giving us an unexpected and greater outcome.

People that attended this event as audience said that the price they paid for this concert seemed too low for such a high quality concert and they were also thankful that they got to know about this great event that is hosted every year for a good cause. It was a relief that everything worked out under the watch of God. Thanks to everyone and God for allowing this event to end as a success!

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