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<봉사자의 글> This LA camp changed me

김해준 (밴쿠버밀알봉사자)

Sept 1, 2012

Prior to the trip in LA, I went with impure objectives. I went thinking everything would be for me and I would be cared for but in the back of my mind I knew I would be responsible for my partner. When I found out my partner was 건아 형 I was relieved for I knew he was very responsible and capable of being independent. When I excitedly told my dad this, he said to me, "친구가 더 편할수록 다른 일들을 더 도와줘야 한다." I was slightly disappointed but still relieved that I wouldn't be scolded for being irresponsible and not being able to handle the responsibility of taking care of my partner. (It turned out he took care of me more than I took care of him which was a little embarrassing but I'm glad nothing went wrong nonetheless). Once I actually got there, it was absolutely gorgeous. The first day, I got to talk with 건아 형 and got to know him more and more and found out that he likes to be independent and doesn't seek my aid in fact, he actually repels my help and wants to do things himself. Respecting this, I tried to let him do everything alone and gave him as much freedom as possible, but ended up getting scolded from 목사님 for not taking care of my partner properly. So from then on, I stuck onto 건아 형 and tried to be with him as much as possible and he seemed to like it better than I had thought. We got along well and acted like brothers rather than a volunteer and friend. I'm so glad I went on this trip and I really hope I can go again. The most memorable moment for me was at the communion when I shed my first tear, thinking about the sermon where 밴쿠버 목사님 talked about how our friends aren't disabled, but are differently abled. This is so true in that they are so capable of doing countless things that even I, or others cannot. It was truly an honour and a blessing to be able to join Vancouver Milal in the LA trip. Thank you for the opportunity.

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