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<봉사자의 글> My experience at LA camp

서동빈 (밴쿠버밀알봉사자)

Sept 1, 2012

My experience at 사랑의캠프 & 감동캠프 began as a beautiful tenderness in the pit of my stomach, gradually bubbling into my chest, imbuing me with warmth and radiance, melting away all remnants of tension and anxiety that I had carried along with me in regards to the responsibility that I was bestowed. Despite the worries I had carried over my shoulders, the gentle and warm welcoming from the unfamiliar faces of the staffs and faculty members in사랑의캠프 & 감동캠프 comforted my anonymous presence. The invisible string of affinity that I shared between the staffs and faculty members expanded rapidly throughout everybody in the camp as we gathered together as one body in Christ to worship our humble, impeccable, and divinely God. The countless worship songs and words spoken by the pastor during our visit to 사랑의캠프 and Sunday’s Worship in 감동캠프 united us as one as we were instilled with a positive synergy. The room, which was filled with unfamiliar faces of individuals suddenly turned into a room that consisted of a long invisible thread that tightly held the brothers and sisters worshipping our heavenly Father. Like how many streams are produced by a single source, I have gratefully experienced that no matter how dispersed we are from each other, we retain our cohesive unity through Jesus Christ who is our only source. During our first meeting at the auditorium in 사랑의캠프, I could unearth a memory when my Buddy, Tony, gently tapped my shoulders during our walk back to our dorms; After tapping my shoulders, he pointed his index finger towards the illuminated sky and fervently said “Peter, we are going to come back to LA and attend this worship, right?” His simple, yet emphatic words touched my heart as Tony, who is supposedly deemed as a “disabled person “seemed to share a common connection with me. I, who cherished the remarkable puzzle pieces that was formed during the worship, was also deeply cherished by Tony! Through the worship, I have been reminded of my materialistic misconceptions that existed within a handicapped society; thus, my body engraved itself to make falsified assumptions that all disabled people were hapless and segregated from the society. However, through the various experiences in both 사랑의캠프 & 감동캠프, I have learned to recognize the inevitable truth that everyone is a marvel in his or her own intricate ways. As time progressed in this camp, I felt a sense of rejuvenation as my previously insular viewpoints broadened. The pivotal factor that altered my scope was derived from the communion. Once again, in observing the communion, we were reminded to clearly remember Jesus Christ and all the good deeds he has done for us in his life, death, and resurrection. As a cohesive unit, as we proclaimed Jesus ‘death until He comes by drinking his flesh and blood, I felt reveled for the first time to be able to spend my time fruitfully, dutifully, serving and following the steps of Jesus Christ. It was truly a singular emotion that was ineffable. After the communion, I came to a realization that nothing could parallel or supersede the few minutes that allowed myself to experience an indescribable beauty of Jesus Christ. I truly do not want to wake up one day to find only the remnants of pictures that I took during my stay at 사랑의캠프 & 감동캠프. Maybe I will forget certain facts or maybe even the places; however, I know for certain that the experiences will always be engraved in my heart.

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