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<봉사자의 글> “밀알은 나에게 기쁨입니다"

최은혜 (밴쿠버밀알봉사자)

Mar 1, 2012

Milal has brought tremendous pleasure to my life. Many would prefer to sleep in on Saturday mornings, and if I said that I don't, I'd be lying.. Although there are many times waking up early in the morning to go to Milal is a struggle, whenever I am there, my tiredness goes away. There is so much life and passion at Milal. Every student, every teacher, every leader… I see Jesus in each and every one of their lives. Through Milal, I have received more than have given, learned more than have taught and smiled more than placing smiles on others' faces. I have been tested for patience and humility which I believe is two very crucial aspects in volunteering and placing others before yourself.

I thought my very first experience at Milal was going to be extremely tiring and uncomfortable. There weren't many opportunities for me to be surrounded with a group of Koreans who spoke only Korean. As a Korean being born in Canada, I thought it would be quite difficult to blend in to what was the norm for Koreans. However, it was the complete opposite. My first day at Milal, January 2010, turned out to be a great day. Everybody was so kind and generous, and the students were the ones who found a place in my heart.

Milal has been, and still is, an important aspect in my life that I do not want to miss.

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