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2014 LA Camp 소감문

이예지 (밴쿠버밀알봉사자)

Jul 1, 2014

When I heard that the registration to go to LA camp was started I was really desperate to go. Being in the airport was very hard, I never went to the airport having to take care of someone else I was usually just standing beside my mom who will be doing everything that was needed so the process at the airport was very confusing and challenging for me. I had to make sure to hold onto the visa and the passports well mine and my partner’s and I had to lead my partner and answer any questions needed carefully. I had other volunteers help me out if I struggled which I appreciated a lot.

After we arrived in LA for 3 days it was the camp Agape, where Milal from all over come together in one location and listens to the word of God, praise together, play games and create precious memories within each other. The room was very comfortable to stay in and the food was extremely good. Every single moment at the camp felt very precious to me, I realized once again that God was really with us, that he really was working miracles. I realized that this organization of Milal is really an organization that God truly loves and cares. When we praised our God together, when we lifted our hearts and hands together to truly lift our Lord I was able to feel the Holy Spirit existing within that building, when we played games when we had the social time together I was able to feel the love of God existing within the volunteers and our Milal friends. I felt so blessed so thankful to be in that place, experiencing the true love and true joy of God that he had taught us to have. The theme of the camp Agape was to be joyful, all the time. I never realized what rue joy was, I thought a joy can be such a small thing as being happy when you accomplish something you wanted to but I realized that was wrong that wasn’t true joy. True joy was something I saw and felt at camp Agape, what I experienced during the camp was true joy, true love, and the true existence of our one and only God.

To conclude everything my trip to LA with Milal was more than amazing, it is difficult to explain everything I felt blessed and thankful of. I was able to come back with so many precious memories, I found myself becoming one step closer to God through this camp, I realized his amazing love for us once again. I learned what true joy is, I gained true joy through this camp, I experienced true love through this camp too. I thank everyone for the Milal volunteers, the pastors, every staff at camp Agape and friends for being beside me, supporting me and caring and loving me for who I am. I thank God for listening to my prayers and working a miracle for me once again for me to be able to attend this camp as a volunteer and come back with so many realizations, thankfulness, and blessings. I really hope that this camp won’t be my last camp to go to LA with Milal. It was truly an amazing experience for me to have.

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